Yesterday I watched the class of 2016 walk across the same stage and individually receive their diploma. It was an experience I’ll never forgot…college was an experience I’ll never forget.

Our speakers confidently talked about how we will be great, and do great things in our future – but what they didn’t tell us, is that the future is never guaranteed.

I wish they would have mentioned that a lot of things in our life won’t work out the way we want it to. That most of us will have to start at the bottom and climb to the very top. That we will go through more disappointments than achievements – but that those achievements will be greater than all of the disappointments combined.

Life is a journey and I feel as if graduating college was only the beginning of it.

To the class of 2016, we are separate individuals but we are going through this together. Let’s make the beginning of our adulthood unforgettable, as we did these past 4 years.

Great things are to come, but only if you let it.


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