Beauty in flaws

Something I had to learn at a very young age is to love yourself.

I think this is one of the most difficult tasks of a human beings life. But if we do not love ourselves, how could we possibly learn to love others? It seems that most people now a days are so ready to jump into relationships because they feel as if getting into one will fill the emptiness in their life of loneliness or unhappiness. And while it may fill that void for the meantime, it will only last so long.

I know it can be difficult to love yourself when everyone and everything in the world seems to be knocking you down. The way I learned was by finding things that I love to do. Finding things that made me smile, even just for a moment. For example, wearing no make-up and watching people still treat you the same with or without it. Running down the block even if its only for a 5 minutes. Reading a book while the sun sets in the sky. Making a cup of coffee at 12am just because I wanted to feel the warmth’s of the coffee go down my body. Binge watching my favorite t.v. show without a care in the world. Starting a new hobby, although I know nothing about it and may not even end up liking it. All of these seemingly small things and details in life will indeed lead you to the right place of self-love and happiness.

You may not find what I like to do as a satisfactory for your life, in fact you most likely wont! So find your own path! Run or walk extremely slow down that path, at the end of the day all that will matter is that you created the path yourself.

To me it seems that the point of life is the pursuit of happiness and it starts with you.


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