No such thing as a life that’s better than yours…

So they say…but lately it has not been feeling that way..

They tell you the only way you can succeed in life is by getting an education. They tell you you are one up if you have a degree. So why do I in fact feel one down. Like now I have this burden on my shoulders. The burden of school debt. Every month for 10+ years I will have to pay an extreme amount of money just to pay back an education I was told I needed to get in order to survive “life”.

The degree didn’t and still does not test my intelligence. I am just as smart with or without the degree next to my name. This is such an important issue for us right now. And with the Presidential Election approaching its interesting to see that neither candidates merely talk about student loans and the awful burden it puts on us newly graduates.

I know there is more to life then this…there has to be, but at the same time it’s so difficult to not feel hopeless when it comes to student loans and education.

One day when I become influential I will  NOT forget this topic so easily as it is a pert-ant issue to many, many American’s daily lives and that is simply NOT okay.


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