We are the future, we will prevail.


This morning I woke up at the devils hour. 3 AM to be exact. I opened up my phone anxious and excited to see Hillary Clinton make history. But instead, I found myself blind sided in tears. I was overwhelmed and saddened as the tears continuously fell down my face, and my heart sunk to a place it had never gone before.

I woke up the next morning with a heart full of anger, hate running through my veins. I was no longer sad, I was ANGRY. Did Americans really vote for this man, especially women? Is America really everything I was hoping it wouldn’t be? Are we really this low of a country that we would rather choose a man with no political experience, over a well qualified woman, just because she is a woman? Does racism still really exist, despite all that MLK and other black leaders have fought for? Unfortunately, I soon realized the answers to all my questions were yes. And YES I was angry, unbelievably so – anyone on social media who posted in support of Trump got deleted. I felt betrayed by people who were suppose to care about me. I angrily realized I am looked at differently because I am of African American descent and I am a woman.

I spend a lot of my time reading history books and reading about our past presidents to try and understand America.To try and understand how we came about to be this type of country. And believe me, it is a lot easier to understand then most people think. Our founding fathers built this country off hate. They destroyed others who did not resemble them, or made them feel less superior. Our first President was the owner of 100’s of black slaves, and he was not kind to those slaves. Blacks did not have basic human rights until after the 1950’s, and yet we still see issues occurring for people of color. It is 2016 and a woman, to this day, cannot be fathomed to be seen any better than a man.

But now here we are, what are we to do? This question has been on my mind all day. Unfriending racist, sexist, ignorant, uneducated people on Facebook really will not solve the problems we wish to solve. And as much as I want to be hateful, being hateful will not solve the problems we wish to solve. After-all you cannot be hateful and prevail equally. Hate will just add more fuel to a fire that is already engrossed in flames. So what then? What do we do…

Well I’ll tell you what WE do. We continue to educate ourselves and really learn about our history so it does not repeat itself. We learn and understand, in depth, how historical leaders helped citizens to overcome the roughest, darkest moments of America. We do not hate, but love. We love. Love is the strongest, most powerful emotion, love will help us prevail. Their hate is what makes us stronger, “when they go low, we go high”. We do not stay quiet, we fight. We fight nonviolently, peacefully and loud. Our voices need to be heard and with violence or anger no one actually hears what we are trying to say.

My fellow African Americans, Muslims, Mexicans, Women, LGBT community and Immigrants: WE have to stand up for what we believe is right, even if a man who will soon hold the highest power in the land does not believe so. WE are the generation who will create the next revolution. WE are the generation that will be in the history books. WE are the generation who will not quietly go down. WE are the generation Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, Jim Lawson, Barack Obama and many more hoped we would be. There’s no better time to start taking control of our lives than right now. WE are the future, and WE will prevail.


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