Beautiful, twisted, christmas miracle.

She lived in New York City for 4 years and had yet to see the extravagant, famous christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. So she asked him “Can we please go see it?”, “I don’t feel like it” he says. “But you promised me we would go…”, “I don’t fucking feel like it!” he angrily says, as he turns his back to her and walks into the subway, expecting her to follow.

She sits next to him for the hour train ride that is taking them deep into a foreign borough, staring silently out the window. He says nothing either, unbothered by her presence and disappointment. Finally he says, “Why the fuck do you look so depressed, can you cheer up, you’re making me look bad.” staring at her now with cold brown eyes. “Whats good with you man, don’t speak to your lady like that” says a brave (or concerned) pedestrian listening in to their conversation. “Mind your own fucking business”, “Tell him to mind his own fucking business” he says facing her now. She stays silent taking it all in. “You deserve better baby girl, get rid of this loser”….. Later that night he mentally punishes her for staying silent. He tells her she should’ve stuck up for him, he tells her that is the reason why she’ll never really be special to him.

*Two weeks later*

“I miss you sweetheart, can you please take me back, I swear I’ll be better this time, I’ll treat you right, we can even go see the Christmas tree and go ice skating, whatever you want to do, I’ll never find another like you” he says. Her only response was, “I want to see the tree”. “So lets go baby” he says, the words ‘baby’ piercing her heart.

“Wow, its beautiful.” she says as she stares into the blinking lights, hidden brightly, in the dark green branches. She takes it all in, the bitter cold, the happy couples, the laughter of children, the christmas music playing as families ice skate underneath the tree. Then she turns her head and looks at him, he’s already staring at her, falling in love with the way she enjoyed the moment..

He grabs her hand for the first time in a year as they walk back to the train. He gently takes her face and kisses her in front of everyone – something he normally doesn’t do. And for the first time ever he says “I love you.”

She replies, unsuccessfully holding back tears, “I loved you” and slips away into the beautiful, dark, twisted, cheerful night.


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