Charged up

People always say the internet has made our lives easier. But has it really? In what way? It allows us to communicate quicker, yes, but how many times are those communications misunderstood? It allows us to keep up with others, yes, but how many times are we so consumed with others we forget to love ourselves?

I do think the internet has advanced our world in ways we never even imagined possible, but I can’t deny that I wish I would’ve been born before we developed our world into solely caring about social media. We need less likes and more hugs; less comments and more love.

I am guilty of revolving my life around the internet. Whether it’s at work, being “social” or even going to school, I seem to feel like I NEED the internet to survive. It has become something I depend on. What happened to depending on hope? Or depending on human kind and love to get us by?

Now a days, I even see young children constantly consumed by the internet. It’s like a curse, similar to money. It has taken over our brain, even at young ages, and has convinced us that we need it more than it needs us.

The creativity, happiness, individuality, and so forth, that God has blessed us with is easily compromised by the internet and social media. We all need to focus on love and living life with the pure intent of being happy, rather than worrying about charging our phone.


2 thoughts on “Charged up

  1. The internet definitely has its perks but also it’s disadvantages. I definitely agree with you that communication is sometimes misinterpreted through means such as this. Great post.

    Check my post out when you get the chance(I write about topics on relationship) I would love to know your views.

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